For Bodhi

not just for hacks.

Ceramix is Sick

I'm taking a ceramics class and loving it. Might be my new thing.

El Caballón, before firing

After firing

Tigre Teegs, Glaze Fired and Hand Painted

El Torito, TeaPot, Before firing, in process

and glazed.

Litho Series

Lata de Celos, 11x14, ed. of 20

El Subcomandante and the Dom of my dreams, 8x10, ed. of 4

La Niña Murcielago es agnóstica, 11x14, ed. of 20
Portrait of Per Anderson, owner of La Ceiba Grafica
lithograph on mexican marble
New Mural, en la casa de NIck Velador, Oakland Ca. 8x20 feet. Latex and acrylic paint. Took me about 24 hours to complete.
Detail of figure

Por la Patria

litho, 18x24 inches
Homage to ol' Courbet.

would ya like to see some etchings

Gardens of Babel, drypoint, 3x5

When, line etching, 5x7

Idle Hands Full, line etching, 8x10

More Work from BFA show

Rulers of Nations, Rumours of War, Lithograph, 11x14

2012 Lotería (Lottery) cards, first edition, Lithograph, 18x24 total dimensions, each card 3.5 x 5

Front of cards

Back of cards

Work from "The Year of Black & White" BFA exhibition

Romney's on a Bummer, Lithograph, 18x24

Obamma, Lithograph, 18x24

Man with Two, Ink on Canvas, 4'x7'

Fraternity, Oil on Canvas, 5'x7'

Fratricide, Oil on Canvas, 5'x7'

The Year of Black & White exhibition invitation

The Year of Black & White: Perspectives on Duality

A solo exhibition of the work of Ryan David LaBonte, BFA candidate at California College of Arts (& Crafts), Oakland. LaBonte is graduating from the Printmaking program and offers works in this discipline and other various media. This exhibition showcases lithography, oil painting, comic strips, video, installation and a performance. All works are centered on the theme of Duality and the struggle for Unity in a polarized society. Exploring the political, social and natural world, LaBonte has come to the realization that seeing in Black & White will only produce endless shades of Grey.

Recent Lithography Series

All images 8.5x11"

Yozo Hamaguchi Scholarship Work

All three of these works are etchings. The first is a drypoint with aquatint, the second is a drypoint and the third is a line etching.




Peculiar Animal: Oil Painting series

These paintings are the first in a series I am doing called Peculiar Animal. It consists of images taken from life, the imagination and motion pictures that illustrate our uniqueness as humans in the animal kingdom and also our undeniable animalistic tendencies that group us right in with our hairier relatives. This is a dissection of the ego, appearance, protocol, behavior and psychology of human beings reacting to the fact that we exist and that we are not alone.

Mr. John Merrick, Elephant Man 36x48'' oil on canvas

William H. Bonny y Mescalito 27 x 36" oil on canvas

Bad Moon Rising 16 x 24" oil on canvas

Ryan LeBronte 12 x 18" oil on canvas

ONE MIND, group show at CCA oakland, oct 2010

I participated in a group show at the California College of the Arts last October. It turned out really nice and i got to show off some of my etchings, which is what i am focusing on these days. Check it out.

Espiral, drypoint, 3x5"

Seaing, drypoint, 2x3"

Katman and Oldman, dyptych, drypoint, 2x3" x2

one mind, ink on paper

28 day cycle, india ink on door, 3x7'

black and white side

color side

ego gone, acrylic and spray enamel on door, 3x7'

we all know what it is to be free, watercolor, 5x12"

pch club, red ink drawing with arielle bakoss

get drunk, portrait and poem of Baudelaire, wine on paper